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Children's Ministry Partnership Application

Thank you for your interest in supporting families in your church to

improve the quality of life, both at home and in ministry experiences!

We offer a variety of ministry options to deliver Sensory Enrichment.  Feel free to browse the services below that your church may consider providing.  For more information on Sensory Enrichment, click here.  If you have further questions before proceeding with an application, please contact us for more details. 

Application deadline is November 30, 2023.  All applicants will be acknowledged within 3 business days of submission.  Any applicants remaining after Phase 2 participants have been selected will have the option of engaging in the full program when launched mid-2024 with a promotional offer of 20% off the consulting rate.  Materials kits may or may not be available for purchase (and shipping) at that time.  

Children in Classroom

Sensory Start

Teacher-led Sensory Enrichment activities for the entire class for about five minutes to start class off in a focused and calm state.

Teacher and Pupil_edited.jpg

1-to-1 with Class Helper

A trained volunteer provides Sensory Enrichment activities in class with a child for up to five minutes.  This can occur at the beginning of class to set the child up for success or as needed in class to calm.  

Homework Help_edited.jpg

Caregiver-Led On-Site

This option provides free training for caregivers to help a child calm outside of a class, in a designated area.  A materials kit is available in the ministry facility for caregiver use and can help most children re-enter a class within two to five minutes.  

Family in Nature

Caregiver-Led at Home

Sensory Enrichment has the most powerful impact when provided daily at home.  Parents can partner with us at no cost for two weekly coaching calls and up to ten free activities to help support even the most difficult challenges.  

Refer Families to Our Custom Home Programs

Fee for service is available for caregivers to gain access to Sensory Enrichment's full online program!  Based on a personalized brain profile questionnaire, an expert online system chooses an average of 4 activities to perform daily (out of a possible 500+) that target areas of the brain that the participant can benefit from growth and repair, in only ten minutes a day in the comfort of their own home, using household items.  

These custom online activity worksheets update every two weeks to keep the program fresh and target multiple goals.

Success is boosted by weekly connection with a certified Sensory Enrichment therapy provider to keep them on track and offering modifications to get the most out of the program. 

Financial assistance is available, and can also be partially or fully sponsored by your church organization where possible and appropriate. 

Progress is guaranteed in the first 30 days of the home program or money back!.  *Stipulations apply

Online Meeting_edited.jpg

Virtual Group Support

Meet weekly by video with a certified provider and one to two others.  This 20-30 min structured session provides an opportunity to share the successes and challenges of the past week, build community, and receive custom coaching to modify and adapt the program to suit the participant's individual needs. 
$149 CAD/mth

Business Owner

Private Coaching

Meet weekly by phone with a certified therapy provider for 20 minutes to share the success and challenges of the past week as well as receive custom coaching to modify and adapt the program to suit the participant's individual needs.  $279 CAD/mth


What is Sensory Enrichment?  
It is an evidence-based, empirically-validated form of neuroscience that activates neuroplasticity to grow and repair areas of the brain that need additional support to improve challenges such as attention, mood, aggression, anxiety, speech, sleep, and more!

How does it work?
New neural connections are made and neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine are boosted when two or more senses are engaged in a specific, pleasant activity.  

What are some examples?
Click here for information of activities an individual may participate in with the program.


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