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Do supplements actually help neurodiverse individuals?

Of course! But the better questions are which ones and why!

As the old saying goes in general, "you can't out-supplement a bad diet".

An analogy that paints this picture quite well is that you wouldn't spray a fire with

an extinguisher with one hand while pouring gasoline on it with the other!

Obviously, dietary intake is important for neurodiversity as we've learned with so

much scientific evidence and testimonials from many who have journeyed that well.  

However, we understand through lived-experience that diet is quite an undertaking

and may not be a step you're ready for at this time, or maybe you've made those

changes and now you're ready to dive into supplements for your next chapter.

Each person is biologically individual so it stands to reason that everyone should

have a unique to them nutrition approach and supplements to suit their needs.  

We suggest working with a qualified professional to help you however we also highly

recommend learning more about the potential power of supplements for neurodiversity!


Supplements for Neurodiversity

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Neutraceuticals for Neurodiversity

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