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Materials Kit Instructions for Sensory Enrichment Therapy

Thank you for your kit purchase (or interest)!  We are pleased to offer you digital instructions.  Below you will see that this page is almost identical to the SET - FREE Resources page however there are some important modifications.  The Water Game has been modified for use outside of the home with the containers provided and the Smell and 4 Textures game have been added.  Want to expand your kit?  Click here (coming soon) for a materials list to incorporate any additional free exercises you haven't tried yet!  If you have any questions, please contact us.  

Melting Ice Cream

Meltdown Protocol

in One Easy Step!

Click here for the simplest, fastest, and most powerful tantrum tamer! Watch two young children as they are in the midst of ongoing crying and within moments are able to settle  to quiet and calm with a scent intervention.  A caregiver simply places an essential oil lid or a small container with a scented cotton ball in front of them.  Even the child who turned her face away initially is enticed to engage the scent and within seconds is silent and focused.  How wonderful to have a tool this effective and inexpensive that can be used anywhere, anytime!  Vary the scent to keep the novelty strong to combat the intense dysregulation.  Try it today and let us know how it works for you!  TIP: This is a fantastic option for caregivers also to support mental health!

Source: YouTube, Mendability Channel, Examples Playlist,

"How To Help a Child Recover from a Meltdown" (0 min 50 secs)

Bowl with water in white background.jpg

The Water Game

Water has long been known for it's physiological and psychological benefits, and this is no exception!  You may have seen the latest viral trend for cold water immersion therapy, but don't worry, this is not that, exactly.  This sensory enrichment exercise packs a powerful stress tolerance punch. 

Instructions: Fill one container provided in the kit with very warm water (no hotter than bath temperature for safety) and the other container with very cold water.  It is suggested that the cold water container be refrigerated in advance or ice added).   Have the participant hold one container in each hand at the same time for a few seconds and then switch the containers to the opposite hands.  You can repeat this a few times. 

What is the benefit?  The cold water container is interpreted as a mild stress response to the body and the warm water container evokes a pleasure response allowing the body to tolerate the cold more readily.  This increases stress tolerance and in turn resiliency in everyday life.  This activity is a modification to the original Mendability exercise, as it is altered to be more easily implemented within a childcare context (such as ministry, camps, daycares, etc.) when bowls of water may be inconvenient or inaccessible.  When possible, please follow the original instructions using bowls found here.

Source: YouTube, Mendability Channel, Examples Playlist,

"Water Game - Hands" (0 mins 56 secs)


Hold and Squeeze (Weight + Texture)

Further to the left/right brain connection is this super simple activity.  You will likely have many items available around your home to provide variety such as a washcloth and a toy car, a stress ball and a weighted chess piece, or even a rock and a balled up sock.  This activity also targets tactile, fine motor, and complex functions.  How many different combinations can you create?

Source: YouTube, Mendability Channel, Examples Playlist,
"Hold and Squeeze - Weight and Texture" (0 mins 46 secs)

Image by Fuu J

Art and Music

A simple and enjoyable activity for children and adults alike!  Who doesn't need more serotonin and dopamine in their life?  There are two types of videos on our YouTube channel, StressBusters and ones specifically designed for Sensory Enrichment Therapy.  StressBusters are just that, relaxing music paired with a montage of high quality photographs or videos to promote relaxation.  Sensory Enrichment Therapy videos are designed similarly however, with fine art rather than photography or video and paired with classical or orchestral music to stimulate brain activity with more complexity to process.  This activity is only 2 minutes long so it can be done anywhere, anytime for a natural boost!  Click here for StressBusters and click here for Sensory Enrichment videos.

Source: YouTube, Crown Family Wellness Channel
*Both Therapeutic and Relaxation videos are available to view here

*BONUS CONTENT: Don't see a theme you enjoy? Feel free to contact us and suggest one! We are on a mission to create over 100 videos by end of 2023!

Image by Annie Spratt

Smell and Textures

Palm swiping is the goal of this exercise while smelling a pleasant scent.  Be sure to use at least four textures that are varied.  The size should be large enough to cover the palm of the participant.  If they are uncomfortable with their palms being touched with textures, they can explore the textures independently while smelling a scent.  Continue the activity until at least two different textures have interacted with each hand.  This activity can last as long as desired.

Looking for an advanced version of the exercise?  Check out this one that includes memorization and four scents.  

Source: YouTube, Mendability Channel, Examples Playlist, 
"Sensory Associations - Scents + Textures" (3 mins 58 secs)

Image by Ivan Dostál

Blowing Game

Great for Pre-Therapy

A core part of Sensory Enrichment Therapy (SET) is using the sense of smell (olfactory) to stimulate brain activity.  Often times individuals with developmental challenges have not learned how to take deep breaths.  Improving breathing skills will prepare them for SET for increased effectiveness.  This also helps with increased oxygen to the brain and speech development.  This simple, fun game can be played at a table or on the floor with only a cotton ball.  If your child struggles with blowing, start with having them watch you!  Even more fun is blowing dandelions together!

Source: YouTube, Mendability Channel, Examples Playlist,

"Blow Light Item Away" (1 min 19 secs)

Image by James Lee

Smell and Gentle Claw

Did you instantly imagine the scent of the rose when you saw it?  Scent is extremely compelling to our brain, with pleasant smells increasing dopamine resulting in better mood, memory, and motivation.  Gentle tactile experiences such as someone drawing with their fingertips on your back or lightly scratching with fingernails over a shirt can increase serotonin which is beneficial for feeling calm and relaxed, learning, sleep, eating, and more.  Scientists have discovered that pairing these two activities produces a third neurotransmitter, norepinephrine (nor-ep-in-eff-rin) increased by 300% for over an hour, that is associated with attention, concentration, cognitive function, and mood.  An additional benefit of the norepinephrine is the increase in brain plasticity while the brain is developing and restructuring.  Sometimes individuals are too sensitive to receive passive gentle touch.  When this is the case, it is recommended to have them engage in smelling a preferred scent while touching four different textures with their hands.

The back may not be a preferred location for gentle touch.  Other parts of the body can be engaged to accomplish the same goal.  Options can include a feather on the side of the foot or the back of a pencil on the forearm.  The important part to remember is to avoid it feeling ticklish, irritating, or painful.  It is effective when it is enjoyable only.  If you attempt several options over a few weeks and it is not evoking a pleasurable response, please contact us so we can discuss how to rehabilitate their sense of touch. In most cases we would recommend having the individual engage in the above mentioned smell and touching four textures activity independently and working on tolerating it with fingertips then moving to the palm of their hand and then the back of their hand.  

Source: YouTube, Mendability Channel, Examples Playlist,
"Smell and Gentle Claw" 
(1 min 16 secs)

Colorful Play Dough

Roll Play Dough Snakes - Great for Speech

This is deceptively challenging but fantastic for fine motor skills and is a necessary connection for developing speech.  Speech requires the use of visual, auditory, memory, and fine motor skills.  While this activity requires time and patience, it can really pay off in the long run as the brain creates new (or strengthens existing weak) neural pathways.  This isn't just for children, try it yourself!  Can you do it? How long does it take you to improve?  Let us know!

Source: YouTube, Mendability Channel, Examples Playlist,

"Play Dough Snakes" (1 min 33 secs)

Image by Dorian Hurst

Multi-Textured Path

Get those shoes off! There are thousands of nerve receptors in our hands and feet.  The more they interact with the more they benefit us in so many ways!  By creating a pathway of several differing textures to walk on in this activity, one texture per foot, we increase sensory processing signals, develop self-awareness, balance, and motor organization.  

Source: YouTube, Mendability Channel, Examples Playlist, 
"Multitexture Walk - Explained" (0 mins 58 secs)

Image by Xiaolong Wong

Modified Orange Protocol

This multi-sensory protocol has been modified for use in this context.  If you are participating in the full custom program with a therapy provider, please complete the full protocol or as directed.  In this kit, you will be provided with an orange scent (a pure essential oil of good quality) and a laminated photo of oranges.  You will have the participant take several deeps breaths of the scents with their eyes closed, then they will open their eyes and look at the photo of the oranges while taking several more deep breaths. 

You can see a demonstration here but remember, it is modified so the video will provide additional materials and instructions that you will not need to engage with.  Our brain expects a real orange to smell like one, however a photo of an orange challenges it to work harder to process the image while smelling an orange scent because your brain knows a photo doesn't have a smell.  This activity can be modified for lemons, also, if a corresponding photo is accompanied.  Oranges typically have a very uplifting effect, which is great for a mood booster!

Source: YouTube, Mendability Channel, Examples Playlist, "Multisensory Core Protocol" (2 mins)

Smell and Gentle Claw
Meltdown Protocol
Water Game
Hold and Squeze
Play Dough
Art and Music
Multi-Textured Path
Smell and Textures
Modified Orange Protocol

Start today and begin your life changing journey!


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