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Sensory Enrichment Testimonials


Daniel, 13

Ontario, Canada

I’m so grateful for coming across Sensory Enrichment Therapy, it’s been a God-send! 


I have really struggled with knowing how to help my son for a few years now due to some traumatic events.  The change in my son is like day and night! He was  in constant fight-fright-flight mode, always on edge, not able to be near the family or play with siblings for long, often depressed, and always in his room and on his phone!


In the first 24 hours of starting Sensory Enrichment he was able to fall asleep without a parent's help, and within days we noticed a shift in his mood.   He is now able to regulate himself, no more violent meltdowns or angry outbursts! He even walks around the house whistling, which he hasn’t done in years!  He has even been motivated to workout regularly like he used to and is making better health choices for himself!

The best part of all is that his separation anxiety has literally vanished!  He can now stay home alone and we are able to go out without him having panic attacks! We are finally getting our child and our lives back!


It is truly priceless what this therapy does to the brain.  Sarah is a wonderful coach to guide you when needed!  Thank you for everything.  I have been and still do strongly recommend this program to all parents I know that struggle with their kids from anxiety to ADHD to any mental/emotional stress! 


Enjoy the moment and view_edited_edited.

Ellie, 17

Georgia, USA

We have seen amazing improvements in our daughter’s behavior using sensory therapy with Sarah.  She has gone from having daily meltdowns to having 1 or 2 every few weeks, and it only took a couple of months!  For us, home life was so challenging because of her constant meltdowns and behavior challenges.  We are excited to see what continued use of the program will do to help our daughter be more successful in everyday life!


Image by Brett Jordan

Melissa, Mother of a 3 year old

New Zealand

This is really working! My toddler has started using functional language!  His cognition has improved, his motor skills are getting way better, he is finally starting to climb and point and wave and able to copy signs. He has been blossoming intensely, really catching up at a faster rate. Now we have SO much hope!

Young Students

Special Education Teacher 

Utah, USA

Watch this video to see a testimonial for Sensory Enrichment Therapy in the classroom with incredible results very quickly!

Source: YouTube / Mendability - 4 mins 28 secs

woman wearing gray long-sleeved shirt fa

Maya, mom of 3

Ontario, Canada

I love my kids but I was so burned out.  I desperately needed something to boost my mood naturally and easily that didn't take much time.  I was really surprised that it worked so quickly and was simple, so I could do it every day.  Even my son asked to do the exercises on me sometimes which was really sweet and I said yes because they were super easy for him to do.  It was priceless to see the look on his face knowing he was helping.  

Happy Boy

Johnny, age 2

Ontario, Canada

This program has been an absolute gift to our family.  In just one month, we have gone from survival mode with constant screaming and a total block in communication, to our son learning new words and using them to express what he needs where he used to just meltdown. He still struggles and things are certainly not perfect but it is making a night and day difference, spreading out the hard times in a way that is truly incredible.  

On top of that, Sarah is amazing!  I can't say enough about her kindness, quick insight to give tips, encouragement, and availability.  It's amazing the difference a supportive and knowledgeable therapist and this program can make!  Thank you, Sarah, for caring about families like ours, and for making a lasting impact on our quality of life.


Blue Angels fly-over NJ_edited.jpg

A.G., Father

California, USA

If someone would have told me 3 years ago that I would be able to take my son to an air show, which would include large crowds of people, roaring airplanes and waiting in line for some of the events; I would have said ‘you’re crazy.’ Well… 3 years later, (this therapy) proved that hope and consistency pays off!


Results After One Week - Elementary School

Texas, USA

Watch this video to see a testimonial for Sensory Enrichment Therapy in the classroom with incredible results very quickly!

Source: YouTube / Mendability - 6 mins 11 secs

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