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Psst! Check out our FREE Monthly Virtual Groups here using our FREE activities!

SET Online Community Groups


Use the very same evidence-based and clinically validated therapeutic online tools as other plan options!


This is the best value of all options at only $199 per month (CAD).  That's less than the average cost of biweekly psychotherapy, one day of ABA therapy, or one hour of a psychologist appointment, plus there is always no commitment!


Meet weekly with 1-2 other  participants and a certified therapy provider for direct and focused coaching.  Virtual calls are 30 minutes long, 10 minutes for each participant to rec


This is a confidential space for building connection and celebrating progress while working through challenges in a positive environment.  


Benefit from journeying along side other participants navigating Sensory Enrichment Therapy learning from one another.

Neurodiverse Friendly

Do you shy away from groups?  No problem!  Steps are taken to make this as comfortable as possible.  Video cameras are not required to be on.  Ask us more about our accommodations!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Online Community Groups work?

Community Groups meet weekly online for 30 minutes through a secure video call platform.  All participants complete a brief weekly survey online that outlines their progress, challenges, and questions about the online program they have been following daily at home, prior to meeting.  Sensory Enrichment Therapy uses household items for five to ten minutes a day to grow and repair connections in targeted areas of the brain and boost neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine safely and naturally.  


Each person will have ten minutes to receive personal coaching within the group call from the certified therapy provider that is specific to their needs.  This includes sharing WOW moments and other progress as well as questions from the previous week.  Exercises for the upcoming week will be discussed and modifications provided in real time.  Email and text support is available outside of group time if required, with 24 hour turnaround service.

Who are these groups for?

Online Community Groups are for everyone.  It is ideal if participants are grouped together with similar goals such as addiction recovery, marriage/relationships, caregivers of children or seniors, individuals with trauma, etc. for comfort of participants but it is not mandatory.  Please indicate your preference on the intake form so it can be honoured.  

Is there a discount?

Online Community Groups are already significantly subsidized in cost, saving participants hundreds of dollars monthly.  Typically, a one-on-one weekly phone coaching session of 25 minutes is $279 per month (less than half the cost of other providers).  If a participant gathers enough participants (one to two) to create their own Online Community Group, each person can receive 10% off their monthly costs.  The assessment fee is also discounted to $25 each in Online Community Group.

How is this different from other Group Therapy I've been to?

Coaching time is structured in a timed question and answer format to keep sessions focused.  Questions will be the same
each session and already completed by the participant in their survey prior to meeting.  Surveys will ask the following:

1. Did you have any WOW moments this week?  If so, please explain. 
(WOW moments are defined as progress observed that are positive and unexpected, there are lots!)

2. Did you observe any other progress, even if subtle?  If so, please explain.
(Examples can include: slept a little longer than normal/a tantrum was much shorter/cravings are less, etc.)

3. Did you have any challenges?  If so, please explain.
  (Examples can include: didn't like an exercise/feeling more tired than normal/etc.)

4. How would you rate this past week on a scale of 1 to 5?
    (1-Very poor, 2-not great, 3-ok, 4-better than normal, 5-Excellent)

5.  Do you have any questions?  If so, please explain.

What if I have a problem outside of weekly coaching?

If there is a concern within a week, please contact the therapy provider for more immediate assistance.  If email or text support is not sufficient to provide resolution, a brief, private phone call will be arranged within a short period of time.  This is both beneficial for the participant and protects the group coaching environment to remain encouraging and positive.  Please note, that this is extremely rare and unlikely to occur.  

What are the rules of the Online Community Group sessions?

  1. Profanity, judgement of another, political/religious/personal belief discussions, and name-calling are prohibited. 

  2. Participants are not required to use their cameras and must stay within the coaching time allotted to them. 

  3. All participants will remain muted by the provider until their individual session.  Due to the increased quantity of neurodiverse clients who have an auditory sensitivity, it is extremely important that background noise be eliminated when possible.  If background noise is problematic in an ongoing nature, the participant may be transferred into self-led or one to one coached sessions.  

  4. Chat function between participants will be disabled. 

  5. If a participant would like to share there personal contact information with another participant, it must be done privately through the provider outside of coaching. 

  6. Sessions will not be recorded, participants are encouraged to take notes. 

  7. Entry to the Community Group will be granted only if the survey has been submitted. 

  8. If a participant misses their weekly session and has a concern or question, an email can be sent as needed.  If three sessions (total) are missed without prior arrangements made, a participant will only be eligible to participate in one to one coaching or the self-led program. 

Free Groups

Tell me more about FREE Monthly Virtual Groups with FREE activities!

We want to offer something for everyone! Whether finances are an obstacle or you want to try it out before committing to a full, custom six month program (groups or 1:1 support, no commitment required) join us once a month as we gather for 30 minutes to discuss the FREE Sensory Enrichment activities we provide on our website.  Come hear or share about the life-changing power of these simple ways to grow and repair the brain at home in just minutes a day, easily using household items.  

This is a structured group time, however slightly modified from the above paid program.  It is an opportunity for us to share WOW moments, general improvements, challenges, and engage in a Q + A for modifying activities and tips on using these free resources to suit your family's unique needs.  It is recommended, but not mandatory, to try out the free activities prior to attending.  Participation in the group time is not required.

To access the date/time and group link, please complete the contact form below.  Be sure to specify in the message that you are interested in the FREE monthly group along with some general details about your area of support needed and if it is for an adult or child recipient (autism, ADHD, addiction, trauma, etc.) so you can be added to a group that is most appropriate.


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