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Sensory Enrichment for Relationships

Are you looking for a fresh take on supporting relationships?  Sensory Enrichment Therapy (SET) is a powerful resource that is:

Affordable - less than the cost of weekly psychotherapy

Guaranteed effective in the first month - or your money refunded

Accessible across Canada and the USA - an online program

Change can be observed in a very short time, typically a couple of weeks, sometimes within only a few days.  SET is incredible as a stand-alone therapy or as a supplement for other therapies such as psychotherapy, addiction, trauma/abuse, or grief counselling, and even in circumstances of separation or divorce. 

Are you a professional who would like to add Sensory Enrichment to your practice?  Contact us to find out how, today!

When Both Partners Participate

This is ideal for the emotional and physical health of a relationship to nurture repair and promote growth in all areas that need support.  Their bond is quickly restored and propels them into new heights that improve quality of life both individually and in unity.  

Single / One Partner

This is helpful where there is one willing participant seeking to improve their daily life.  This can be especially effective in the case of a significant challenge that has not otherwise been resolved with traditional approaches in a relationship such as neurodiversity, a breakup, marital separation or divorce, medical issues or infertility challenges that can be supported with stress management / adrenal support, becoming a caregiver for a partner due to medical diagnosis/injury, hospice / loss of loved one, anxiety / depression / post-partum, a struggling single, or stress due to long-standing unresolved relationship issues.  


Both Partners

$399 per month (CAD)*

This plan includes weekly phone support for 15 mins for the couple to check-in regarding program progress using the customized neuro-sensory exercises selected individually for each participant, implemented by their partner daily using common household items, once or twice a day for five to ten minutes each person.  Exercises change often based on a progress report.  This option includes program licenses for two participants.

Beneficial for: Relationship wellness, separation / reconciliation

One Participant

$349 per month (CAD)*

This plan includes weekly phone support for 15 mins to check-in regarding program progress using the custom selected neuro-sensory exercises implemented daily by a partner, roommate, or modified for self-directed use, utilizing common household items, once or twice a day for five to ten minutes.  The online exercises changes often based on a progress report. One program license included.

Beneficial for: Separation, divorce care, widow, struggling single, and post-relationship mental health.

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Additional Option:

Individuals can also participate in Community Groups that meet weekly online using the same therapeutic tools, $199 CAD mth

*An assessment fee of $99 applies on first invoice

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