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              Book a Free Consult with Crown Family Wellness 
               Book a Free Consult with Oils for Autism/ADHD 
                         Expert Jenny Crawford from doTERRA

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            Order a doTERRA Sensory Enrichment Starter Pack
                     & have your Setup Fee Waived!  
            Order a doTERRA Sensory Enrichment Starter Pack
                        & have your Setup Fee Waived!  (USA


        Register Me Now without a Setup Fee -I bought the Oil Pack!
        (If you are choosing this option, please ensure you have ordered the pack first)
       Register Me Now with a Setup Fee - $129 CAD/Approx. $75 USD    

                                     Additional Details
  • Setup/Assessment Fee is waived with purchase of doTerra SE pack
  • Monthly service fee for this program is billed at $99 CAD.  If the option with setup/assessment fee is chosen it is charged at $129 CAD.  PayPal will convert CAD automatically to the current USD amount upon processing for US residents.  This is estimated at approximately $75 USD however is subject to change
  • Text Plans refer to the agreement to exchange text messages for the purpose of support for the program.  This may include and not be limited to voice memos and occasional brief phone calls initiated by the provider if clarity is needed
  • A weekly brief 5 question survey is required to track progress and help your provider to support you when needed
  • Cancellations of the program can be submitted in writing to at any time and will cease further billing.  No monthly service fee refunds will be provided outside of the 30 day guarantee.  
  • Starter Packs may be modified if they retain the same or greater value in order to be eligible to have the Setup Fee waived
  • All registrations are eligible for a 1 hour free Wellness Consult
    with Jenny Crawford - doTERRA oils with purchase of SE pack
  • Registrations will receive instructions on how to proceed within 24 hours of setting up PayPal subscription (and purchasing the one of the Starter Packs linked above if they have selected the waive the setup fee option)
  • You may cancel your subscription at any time.  Services will remain in effect until the last day of the current billing cycle.
  • There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on the monthly service fee, in this case $99 CAD.  The Setup/Assessment Fee is non-refundable.  Further details on the guarantee are available upon request prior to subscribing.  The guarantee will be sent to you to sign within 24 hours of setting up the PayPal subscription.  Additional forms may be required.
  • There is no term contract beyond a month to month commitment based on your subscription start date
  • This program is available to all US and Canadian residents
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a monthly auto-pay subscription based on your choice below.
By completing the PayPal subscription, you agree to the terms below.

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