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Did you know that autism and ADHD are linked to inflammation in the brain and body?

There is also evidence to support that gut health is a major factor.  

So what can you do about it?

The Autistic Nutritionist is ready to show you the way!

Whether you are just getting started or are farther down your path

and need next steps, there is something for everyone!

Fresh Produce

Nutrition for Neurodiversity


A Neurodiverse Approach to Food

Likely by now you've discovered that gluten/dairy free diets are recommended for autism, and maybe even ADHD.  Find out why that's not the complete picture and what the secret to gut and brain health is for breakthrough!  We have worked with an incredible ND who specializes in this area and has helped thousands of families find their way.  Click here to find out more about her Biomedical Diet approach and why it is effective for inflammation.  Contact us for a FREE consultation to discuss support in transitioning to eating this way and see if it provides the revitalization you've been searching for!   Coaching is 20 min for $40


What's Your Gut Feeling?

Maybe making changes to the way you eat doesn't feel like the right next step for you or maybe you've already come so far and there's still room for improvement.  It's no secret that the food we eat is significantly lower in nutritional value than the generations that have come before us due to a multitude of factors.  It's virtually impossible to acquire all the vital nutrients we need for optimal health with diet alone.  Supplements can make all the difference for a lot of people but how do you know what combination is ideal?  Let us help you learn more about amazing options targeting the gut-brain connection where so many health issues originate from.  Happy Juice and it's friends are a delicious and easy way for you and your kids to change your life!

Image by Lacie Slezak

Mental Health and Gut Wellness Program



Adult Program:  $146          Kids Program:  $132

Multiple Household Member Discounts Available

Plus, $10 OFF Your 1st Month
& FREE Shipping on Orders $200+

(USD + Shipping $16 + Tax / Canadian Residents: No Tax, Only Shipping and Conversion)

Image by Taisiia Shestopal

Can't choose which one to start with? How about a rockin' 2-for-1 promotion!  For a limited time, we are offering a program that has both the incredible Happy Juice supplements for 30 days to support the gut-brain axis (and so much more!) with the inclusion of FREE nutritional coaching for an entire month!  You don't even have to make any food shifts during that month, so it is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Nutrition for Neurodiversity while you are experiencing the life-changing power of Amare - The Mental Wellness Company!  The best part is that this program offers a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, so there's low risk, and big reward as you step into a fresh season of thriving, instead of just surviving!  Great for kids and adults, alike!

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