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How to Prevent and Stop Meltdowns
Free!  60 minutes.  Contact to register.
  • What is a meltdown in the brain?
  • What are contributing factors?
  • How can we prevent them...ABC!
  • How to stop a meltdown, quick and easy!
  • Q & A
  • FREE Sensory Enrichment Resources

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                            Open to all US and Canadian residents
Sensory Enrichment Therapy
at Home for Autism & ADHD

Free!  30 minutes.  Contact to register.

  • What is Sensory Enrichment Therapy?
  • How does it help?
  • Sample Activities
  • Q & A
  • One FREE 30 Day Trial Giveaway! 
                      Exclusive Webinar Promotions!
                       Open to all US and Canadian residents
3 Paths to Children's Mental Health:
Neuroscience, Nutrition, & Nutraceuticals

Coming Soon

Contact to receive info on registration directly
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